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Certificates of Deposit (CD's)

Earn interest while you minimize your risk. The Certificates of Deposit (CD) from FirstBank Florida are an investment that allow you to earn attractive returns for a fixed period of time that you choose. Your monies are held and FDIC-insured for the term duration, and meanwhile, your FirstBank Florida CD can be used as collateral to guarantee a personal loan if you so desire.

The CD is a deposit account with a fixed term duration during which you accrue competitive interest rates.

  • Choose when and how you want the interest to be paid:

    • According to the type of certificate and its respective expiration date, you can choose that the interests be paid monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annually or at expiration.
    • Interest payment can be made by check or credit to your FirstBank Florida checking or savings account.
    • Account information can be accessed through the FirstBank Florida Customer Center.

Important terms and charges1

  • This product is for one or more individuals under the name of a business, special society, club, association, church or corporation.
  • Any withdrawals from the principal amount or any cancellation executed prior to the expiration date will be subject to penalties.

(1) The complete terms and conditions for the account can be found in the Account Disclosure Document provided at the opening of the account.
(2) FirstBank Florida reserves the right to negotiate the minimum deposit amount and the term at the moment of opening of the account.